Our Services

Video Production

We’ll help you make your mind-movie a reality. We’ll help you brainstorm your idea, write a script, organize talent, and shoot your video. We’ve got the gear, the staff, and the experience to make your video a reality. We’ll handle every aspect of the video or just the pieces you want help with.

Post Production (Editing)

Whether we shoot your video or not, we’ve got the mad editing skills you’re looking for. We work with the best editing and animation software in the industry. We don’t just cut videos; we add the final touches that make a video sing.

Content Creation

If you need content for any reason, we’ve got you covered. We specialize in interview-based content. In other words, we create content that looks and feels like a news article. This is the kind of content that positions you as a leader in your industry. We can also help you with advertorials, product reviews, and email marketing content.

Digital PR

We’ll help you get noticed. Whether you’re looking for local press coverage or to land a big interview, we can help. We’ve got the connections and resources to help you reach your target audience. Plus, when you get recognized, we let our fan base know about it too. We like to spread the social media love.

Why We’re Different

Our process is simple. You tell us what you need and we’ll get it done. There are no corporate hoops to jump through. No stuffy boardroom planning sessions. And no excuses.

We talk to you like a human, not a corporation. We’ll help you take your project from concept to completion in a timely and affordable manner. We’re here for you, not the other way around.

Commitment to excellence

Our clients get the best. We use the latest technology and skills on every project. We haven’t turned out one piece of mediocre content; it’s not in our nature. You have high standards and so do we.

On time

We’ve worked in the commercial and news industry, so we know how important a deadline is. When we set a deadline with a client, we stick to it. Period.

On budget

Once we lock down what you’re looking for, we’ll create a quote. Once that quote is accepted, that’s it. That’s the price. We won’t send you an invoice with additional fees or raised costs.