Writing a regular blog can be difficult for even the most creative among us. Sometimes, it’s not the writing that’s hard but rather coming up with topic ideas.

If you find yourself in this predicament, consider using the following tools to brainstorm.

  1. Calendars of unique holidays and celebrations

The internet is full of websites that list lesser-known and outright bizarre holidays. From National Pharmacist Day and Brain Awareness Week to Cheese Pizza Day and Classic Music Month, there’s an occasion to tie in almost any day, week or year to something related to your business. Get started with any of these resources:

  1. Hashtags

Head to the hashtag search engine Hash At It to search for particular keywords or phrases on a general topic. The search engine will troll Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest in real time to show you what people are talking about in relation to the topic.

  1. Industry organizations and newsletters

See what industry organizations are writing about and use those ideas as inspiration. Follow influencers in your industry on social media, subscriber to a few newsletters or check their blog from time to time.

You can also head to Alltop, which gathers recent posts from some of the best blogs on the Web. Just select your topic and you’ll see what’s “hot” in your industry.

  1. Questions people are asking

Head to sites like Quora to determine some of the more timely inquiries or frequently asked questions in your industry. Just enter a word or phrase and you’ll get a list of results.

  1. Hubspot’s blog generator

This handy free tool only requires you to fill in fields with terms you’d like to write about before churning out a week’s worth of relevant blog topics. You may have to change the titles a bit—sometimes the words you’ve inputted sound awkward in terms of tense or placement, but the ideas are definitely there.

Give it a try: Topic Generator.

Consider outsourcing blog content

Creating blog content is a time consuming process. Between research, writing, distributing and promoting – it can be a full time job.

Many small brands don’t have the time or the assets to keep a blog running, which is why many outsource it.

A qualified content marketing team can provide the blog content you need on a timely basis. And, here’s the best part, there are plenty of affordable content packages that can fit any budget.

If you’re looking for help, reach out to McEwen’s Media to get a specialized quote and leave the blog writing to us.

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