To sell your product or service, you have to market it. It’s that simple. A lot of small business owners dabble in marketing, using a do-it-yourself approach in hopes of saving money.

Research shows 47% of small businesses manage their own marketing, according to a recent report from LeadPages.

But, there’s a lot to do. To market your business, you need a mobile-friendly website, a presence on social media, a regularly updated blog, email campaigns and graphic content to share like infographics and videos. If you don’t have time to create all of this content, it might be time to hire a digital marketing company.

Why hire a digital marketing company?

There are a lot of reasons to hire a digital marketing company. Here are the most common ones:

  • Focus on your business

By turning the marketing chores over to another company, you can focus on what you do best – running your business. Think about how many hours you spend creating an email campaign or updating your company LinkedIn page. It’s a lot of time, right? You’ll get all of that valuable time back when you hire a digital marketing company.

  • Save money

If you outsource your marketing, you don’t have to hire an employee to do. That means, you won’t have to worry about payroll taxes or healthcare benefits.

You can hire a marketing company to handle tasks as needed or create a monthly list of tasks that you’d like outsourced.

In addition, you’ll save money on subscription fees to services like MailChimp or Hootsuite because the marketing company handles all of those ancillary costs.

  • Get results

When you hire a digital marketing company, you’ll attract and retain more customers. With a dedicated team of professionals working to create and share content to customers, you can expect to see a return on investment that makes marketing a solid investment.

Tips to hire a digital marketing company

When you’re ready to find a digital marketing company, there are certain things you’ll want to look for. Here’s a list of tips to help:

  • Go with a small company

There are many companies to choose from, but working with a smaller marketing company has a lot of benefits. Small digital marketing companies offer unparalleled customer service. You’re not a number at a small firm, you’re a client with a promising product or service.

In addition, you’ll often find that rates are more affordable at small marketing companies.

  • Find a company you can grow with

Look for a digital marketing company that offers a variety of services and packages. You might start by asking the marketing company to manage your social channels, but in a few years you may want to add more services like blog management, graphic design or video production.

  • Ask for references

If you were hiring an employee for your store or salesperson for your software company, you’d call some of their references before offering him or her the job, right? The same rule applies when you hire a digital marketing company.

Ask the company to provide the names of two clients so you can reach out and learn more.

  • Discuss workflow

You need to know how the digital marketing company works. Will they pitch ideas and create content calendars? How will they deliver content? What’s the review process? Who is responsible for uploading content? How often is the marketing company checking in with the owner?

As you select services for a digital marketing company to handle, make sure you ask questions about the workflow.

  • Talk about metrics and reports

You’ll want to track your return on investment, so talk with the digital marketing company about how it tracks the success of campaigns. Most companies provide a monthly report that shows important metrics like click-throughs and conversions.

Wrap up

To hire the right digital marketing company requires research, but once you find a company that fits you’ll start to see results. You’ll have more time to invest in your business all while your product or service is marketed to new and existing customers on your behalf.

As you research digital marketing companies, please visit the McEwen’s Media website. As a small digital marketing company with 10+ of years of experience, we’d like to help your company grow its bottom line. Check out our services to learn more.


  1. I have not thought about how it may be beneficial to find a marketing company you can grow with. It seems like blogs may be a good way to start then adding something like online advertisements could be a nice way to build. Finding a company that offers multiple services at the time of hiring may be best so that they are ready to help you with other needs.

    1. You’re right. Marketing needs constantly evolve, so having a well-rounded marketing company in your corner is very beneficial.

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