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Ready to create content your customers crave? McEwen’s Media can help you get content now.

Small businesses that invest in content marketing have a competitive edge.

Brands that use content marketing experience 7.8 times more site traffic compared to those who don’t use it, and conversion rates for brands using content marketing are six times higher, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

Content marketing is effective, but it can be challenging for small businesses. Who has time to create a steady supply of how-to articles, design infographics and figure out what kind of content your customers respond to?

Content marketing is a time-consuming endeavor, and that’s why outsourcing your content makes a lot of sense.

Top five reasons clients use McEwen’s Media to get content now:

1. Get amazing content that engages customers
A lot of clients don’t know what kind of content to create to engage customers. Do you need blog posts? Infographics? What about videos?

A content marketing company can help you access your audience and create a defined content calendar and pattern that your customers will love.

2. A steady stream of hassle-free content
To succeed at content marketing you have to constantly fuel the engine. You need a steady flow of content to keep customers engaged.

Most small business owners don’t have the time to create consistent content for multiple channels.

McEwen’s Media can solve this problem. We pitch ideas, conduct SEO research, create content, source images, add internal and external links, format the post in your content management system and will even publish it, if you want.

3. Receive a variety of content
Content marketing requires more than how-to articles on your blog. You need a variety of content that engages customers at different points on their buying journey.

McEwen’s Media creates blogs, guides, infographics, product videos and social graphics that provide a well-rounded array of content.

4. The price
Small businesses assume they can’t afford to outsource content marketing, but that’s a myth. McEwen’s Media offers a variety of content packages that will suit any budget.

No matter what kind of commitment you want to make to content marketing, McEwen’s Media will work with you to generate content that meets your financial requirements.

5. Superior customer service
We care about our clients. We want your product or service to be successful, which is why we’re willing to learn everything we can about your brand and audience to achieve content nirvana.

You’re never alone when you work with McEwen’s Media.

Wrap up
When you’re ready to invest in content marketing, visit our portfolio page to see the kind of quality content that we create. If you’re interested, we’d love to discuss the possibility of creating content for your small business. Contact McEwen’s Media today.

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