Facebook has its perks. You love checking in on old friends and seeing pictures of your buddies. And who hasn’t stalked an ex-boyfriend’s page to check out his new girl? While there are many benefits to this social media platform, odds are, you’ve got some fans that drive you nuts.

There are some unwritten Facebook rules that certain fans break. To make sure you’re not one of those fans, we’ve created a list of Facebook posts that you should be wary of. These kinds of posts will drive your fans nuts – guaranteed.

Food pictures

Unless you’re Emeril, stop posting food pictures. This might sound harsh, but no one cares what you’re eating for dinner. You don’t want to lose Facebook followers because you’re oversharing during mealtime.

Shameless work plugs

We all have a friend or two (or 12) who are forever promoting themselves. These “look at me” posts are driving your fans nuts. Of course, it’s all about moderation. If you tell folks that you’re giving a guest lecture once in a while, that’s fine. We all use social media as a promotional tool, but you should do so sparingly.

Constant complaints

If you’re a “life is always terrible” poster, your fans will block you. Whether you’re constantly complaining about your kids or can’t resist the urge to tell the world about your crappy boss, no one wants to hear daily updates about how bad your life is.

Constant sunshine

Of course, the exact opposite of the constant complainer is that fan that has the perfect life. I truly wish everyone’s life were as rosy as the Facebook posts exclaim, but it’s just not possible to be perfect all the time.

Non-stop pictures of your kids

You use Facebook so you can stay in touch with friends and family that you wouldn’t normally keep up with. Pictures are a big part of this equation. However, you don’t need to document your child’s every moment. A picture here and there is great – encouraged even. But your fans – and most importantly – your child will thank you for not posting potty training pictures on Facebook.

A daily blow-by-blow

Do you have a friend who updates his or her status three or four times a day with super mundane posts? You’re nodding aren’t you? Listen up Facebookers, getting the mail doesn’t warrant a post. Resist the urge to tell your fans about returning from work, sitting down to lunch, or waiting for a doctor’s appointment. We don’t need to hear about every nuance of your day, really we don’t.

So, what’s left to post about, you wonder? The takeaway message is to vary your posts. Keep your fans updated, not overwhelmed; informed, not bored. Facebook is a great communications tool, but you should think about your audience as you’re posting.

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