Content marketing has a lot of power. Companies are quickly realizing the importance of quality content. The right content can nurture current customers, attract new customers and showcase your brand’s authority in the filed.

Of course, you can only reach those goals with the right writer. If you’re looking to hire a content writer, here is a quick list of traits that you should look for:

Quick response to email

You don’t want a writer who responds to your email in 24 hours, you want a writer who responds within hours. Your business should be a priority, which should be reflected in quick response times. Plus, a lot of companies want to turn timely content. If a topic is trending today and your writer doesn’t get back to you until tomorrow, you’ve already missed your window.

Impressive credentials

It goes without saying that you want an experienced writer. A lot of brands are hiring former journalists because they know how to turn quality content on a deadline. These “brand journalists” put the reader first, and are always thinking about how to inform and entertain.

Whether you hire someone with a journalistic background or not, you should take time to vet a potential writer. Look through previous posts and get a feel for the writer’s style. Make sure the posts are recent too. Check references, preferably an editor that the writer works with. Ask about work ethic, quality of content and ability to meet deadlines.

Plus, you don’t want to do a lot of handholding. You’re busy enough as it is. You want someone who can start writing quality content on day one.

Ability to breakdown complex material

Let’s face it, not all businesses are cut and dry. A lot of businesses have complex systems, detailed processes and intricate products. You need someone who knows how to break it all down into to easy-to-digest content. A medical device company, for example, that wants to recap a recent medical trial needs a writer to break through the science-speak and explain what the results mean to the average person.

Jazz-it-up ability

Not all businesses are sexy. Whether your business makes widgets or washes floor mats, you want a writer who can jazz-it-up – someone who writes creatively to promote your business and your brand.

Social media presence

It’s a digital world and your writer should embrace it. You want a writer with a social media presence; someone who will share your content on their social media sites to promote the article to as many people as possible.

It will take some time to vet a writer, but it’s better to spend the time on the front end than it is to deal with a subpar writer. You have every right to by fussy when finding a writer, after all this person will represent your company. Making sure a writer meets all of the criteria listed above will help you find a writer that’s best for your company.

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